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About the series

Explore what you can do with our lifestyle management applications.
Categorize your items, take notes, keep your passwords safe and enjoy freedom.
Make it simple.


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kotoca is a simple notebook management application to efficiently arrange and categorize your notes, ideas and whatever comes to your mind.

Simple – Perfect for busy people, people who want to make progress, people who love to be organized with the power of a simple touch.

Easy – Name your memos and organize them into categories (books), create your own ecosystem.

Convenient – Save not only your text files but also photos, schedules, addresses, tasks, expenses and much more!
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accoca is an easy to use ID and password manager application.

Online shopping and banking, social media, credit cards, emails and so on…
IDs and passwords are all around us.
Are you using the same password every time?
Have you ever forgotten one of the many passwords you have?
Have you ever locked yourself out from one of your favorite applications?
accoca can help you!
Rest assured, accoca is not only easy to use but also gets the job easily done! Access all your passwords with just one touch.

As simple as it looks.
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monoca is an easy to use application for managing the things you already own and things you just want own.

Add whatever you like!
Make your life simple. With monoca it’s just a few taps to manage and categorize all the items you own, maintain your collections, control your inventory or just do simple tasks like everyday shopping. Create a list of the items you want, keep yourself organized and avoid any unnecessary purchases. Take the first step towards a simpler, minimalist lifestyle!
Create some space and declutter all the unnecessary items around you to ease your mind.

monoca, simple as that.