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Manage Your Passwords

Make It Simple.

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Password Management Application

accoca is an easy to use ID and password manager application.
Online shopping and banking, social media, credit cards, emails and so on…
IDs and passwords are all around us. Are you using the same password every time?
Have you ever forgotten one of the many passwords you have?
accoca can help you!
Access all your passwords with just one touch.
As simple as it looks. ​


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Touch ID and Face ID

All you passwords and private data are stored in just one application.
You want the outmost security, right?
Worry no more!
Accoca stores all your data completely secure and supports both Touch and the new Face ID to make sure that only you have access to your privaty data.
In case your device doesn’t support any of the biometric solutions numerical lock is also available.


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Automatic Password Generator

With just a touch you can automatically create new passwords.
You may set to  include capital letters, numbers or any special characters.
You can even set the lenght of the password, so rest assured even the strictest websites will be satisfied with the password  generated password by accoca.
Its not only convenient, but also safe to generate your unique passwords for all the sites you visit so often.
With accoca on board you can enjoy both simplicity and safety.
Not to mention, you don’t have to remember anymore to any of those long and complicated passwords of yours!


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Manage Your Passwords

Create and modify your original categories.
Add passwords and ID to all the sites you are using and organize them the way you like. Find easily your passwords from the list view.
You can even move, copy and paste your data to save time. You can access all your favourite websites with all your data automatically filled out within the application with a just a touch.
Manage your passwords and IDs the smart way!


Premium Functions
Unlimited Accounts
(Free Version Limit: 10)
Automatic Password Generator 
Automatic Character Recognition
Ads Free
【Basic Functions】

● Touch ID support
● ID and Account copy/paste
● One touch access to all websites and data
● Original categories
● Customizability
● Sort functions
● Create backups on the iCloud and Google Drive
● AES256 data encryption protocol