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Manage Your Ideas

Make It Simple.

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Idea Management Application

kotoca is a simple notebook management application to efficiently arrange and categorize your notes, ideas and whatever comes to your mind.
Simple – Perfect for busy people, people who want to make progress, people who love to be organized with the power of a simple touch.
Easy – Name your memos and organize them into categories (books), create your own ecosytem.
Convenient – Save not only your text files, but also photos, schedules, addresses, tasks, expenses and much more!



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Organize yourself and your tasks, make efficient todo lists.
Things you will do, things you have already done and things you should have done…
There are so many things to remember, manage your tasks with kotoca!
Take notes about your everyday life, subjects you study, recipes, travel plans, work related stuff or anything what might come in handy.


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Bring Your Ideas to Life

kotoca is not only for taking notes on the things you need to do, but absolutely anything at all!
Make memos on your daily spendings, things you need to buy, what you ate or the books you read. Add pictures to your notes and memos to easily refresh you memory as soon as you open the application. Add expenses, schedules, materials, designs or whatever you wish.
See as your ideas are coming to life with the help of kotoca!


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Record Your Ideas

Record your ideas, sketch your plans and feelings.
Be just a simple note or a complex plan with accoca you can easily find your ideas even from years before.
Who knows, maybe the dreams you had and abandoned in the past will be fulfilled now?


Premium Functions
Unlimited Number of Notes and Ideas 
(Free Version Limit: 100)
Automatic Character Recognition
CSV Export
Ads Free
【Basic Functions】

● Unique Categories
● Customizability
● Sort your notes and ideas by name, date, task, expenses and so on
● Create backups on the iCloud and Google Drive
● AES256 data encryption protocol