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Manage Your Life
Make It Simple.


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Lifestyle Management Application

monoca is an easy to use application for managing the things you already own and things you just want own. Add whatever you like!
Make your life simple.
With monoca it’s just a few taps to manage and categorize all the items you own, maintain your collections, control your inventory or just do simple tasks like everyday shopping. Create some space and declutter all the unnecessary items around you and ease your mind.
monoca, simple as that. 



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Add Your Items

You can easily add and organize your items. Categorize them based on your own criteria, attach pictures and find whatever you are looking for in an instant. Enjoy the freedom of customizability, categories and subcategories are all yours to explore. 
Separate your clothes as precisely as you wish, pants by colors, tops by the length of their sleeves. 
Take notes and reminders, know exactly what you own. 



Edit your categories, lists and pictures whenever you feel so.
Manage your inventory in details.
With your whole wardrobe in you pocket, you may never buy unnecessary items ever again!
With the smart alarm function you will always know when an important deadline is coming or when your guarantee is going to be over. 




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Go Shopping With a Barcode Reader in Your Pocket

Just scan the barcode of any item you want, register and find them on both Yahoo Shopping and Rakuten!
Are you running out of stock, you need something instantly?

Make shopping more convenient!


Premium Functions
Lock and Passcode 
Automatic Character Recognition
CSV Export
Add Unlimited Items (Free Version Limit:100)
【Basic Functions】
● Register you items
● Display your inventory based on categories and your own lists
● Sort your items based on several criteria like name, owner, date of purchase, expiration, stock, price and so on 
● Rakuten and Yahoo Shopping support
・Barcode reader
・Item page access 
● Quick item registration 
● Original categories 
● Display inventory based on categories and subcategories 
● Change between the items you already own and your wishlist by just one tap 
● Hide or display categories 
● Choose between dark and light themes 
● Smart alarm 
● Copy your items 
● Create backups on the iCloud and Google Drive 
● Share items within your group 
● Smart Timer 
● Voiceover function 
Other Features 
  • Register items from the search bar or by the barcode reader
  • Versatile item management 
  • Alerts
  • Customizability 
  • Stock management 
  • Backup 
  • Group sharing
This application has been made with the Rakuten API. 
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